• Photo Number: KSC-04PD-1878

  • Release Date: 22-Sep-2004

  • Keywords: NASA,KSC,Kennedy Space Center
  • Description: KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. At KSCs annual Hispanic American Heritage luncheon, contractor sponsors were presented certificates of appreciation. Accepting were (from left) Dick Lyons, with ASRC Aerospace Corp.; Tom Niemeyer, with InDyne Corp.; Kevin Hoshstrasser (with Boeing); Vera Pettis, with Lockheed Martin; and Bill Sample, with SGS. Next to them are astronaut Fernando Caldeiro, Felix A. Soto Toro and Joseph Tellado. Soto Toro and Tellado were co-chairs of the event hosted by the Hispanic Employment Program Working Group. The annual event helps employees reflect on the extensive contributions Hispanics have made to KSC, NASA and the nation.

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